Jonathan Zabrocki

Jonathan Zabrocki, Co-Owner

After graduating Wheaton College, Jonathan began his career as a wealth manager and rapidly grew his Assets-Under-Management to over $900 million by age thirty. However, he quickly realized that he desired something that allowed him to spend more time with his wife Katie and their 4 children. He made the switch to real estate and began to devour everything he could to master the industry. He eventually created the system Connected Realty uses today, which he and his teams used successfully in both Minnesota and California to sell over $1 BILLION in real estate. In 2015, he launched a coaching program to help agents across the country improve their results, which is where he met Anderson and Oliver. Upon realizing they shared a mutual calling to improve as many people’s lives as possible, they decided to team up to expand Connected Realty!

Anderson Mohle Headshot

Anderson C. Mohle, Co-Owner

Anderson was born and raised in the West Houston area and returned after graduating Texas A&M. His real estate career began in 2012, working for a residential wholesale brokerage, before he left to start his own real estate investment company. He and Oliver soon joined forces and after successfully exploring all residential real estate had to offer (wholesaling, flipping, rentals, new construction, and brokerage), they realized their passion was for the people behind the transactions. Since the switch to full-time brokerage in 2015, Anderson has been able to focus his time on ensuring that a culture of excellence is always present at Connected Realty. He and his wife Sarah, who is also heavily involved at Connected Realty, have been married 8 years and have three daughters, Elyia, Nora, and Renna.

Oliver Carter Headshot

Oliver M. Carter IV, Co-Owner

Born, raised, and currently living in the Memorial Area of Houston, Oliver has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. When trying to reconcile those two passions, he teamed up with Anderson in 2013 after envisioning a software to aid in real estate wholesaling. After running the real estate gamut together and realizing their true passion, they formed Connected Realty to focus on helping people successfully navigate the buying and selling process. That passion for people soon expanded to include growing a team of agents whose lives they could have an even greater impact on. In addition to his work at Connected, Oliver, along with two other friends, helped start CrowdSource Rescue which was used to rescue over 30,000 people in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and has since become a major player in disaster response.

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