Connected Realty’s Philanthropy Partnership Program

Connected Realty is passionate about our community and about seeing organizations that are making a difference in our community thrive. Over the years, we have developed a Philanthropy Partnership Program through which we seek to mold the successes of our philanthropy partners into shared goals in order to create collaborative, positive changes in our community and around the world.

Through marketing and referrals we seek to help promote these organizations in any way we can:

  • Through our referral program, any time we receive a referral from our philanthropy partner’s network, we donate a portion of our commission to their outreach programs.
  • We work tirelessly to promote our philanthropy partners and the work they do in all areas of our business and through our relationships with other organizations.

If you are interested in finding out more about partnering with Connected Realty, message us for a detailed breakdown of more information.

Envia is a nonprofit dedicated to helping sustain and execute the local church for the transformation of lives, by equipping leaders, empowering people, and engaging the needs of the community.